We believe that economic, social, and political transformation can only be sustained through educational, spiritual, and relational investment in the next generation -
the children of Detroit. 

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Detroit Rising supports educators - it doesn't
replace them.

It is a network of support that surrounds and supplements educators by providing outside-the-classroom opportunities to develop the character and discipline that will change the classroom environment.

Detroit Rising focuses on the development of every aspect of a child's life. 

It emphasizes excellence in every aspect of a child's life: academic, social, physical, mental, and spiritual. This approach fosters an environment that can lead to the life-long success of the individual. 

Detroit Rising provides a platform  to contribute to the story of resurgence.

It generates daily opportunities to pour into the lives of children and young people. We aim to instill the belief that these children are loved and valued, convincing them of their potential to make an impact.

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